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Awnings canopies in Israel

Welcome to the AMERICA company site Marquises and awnings in Israel.

Canopy Production - America | Awnings and awnings in Israel in the north south and the entire center of Israel.

Awnings and marquises from the sun and rain

Manufacture and installation of awnings, canopies and parasols in Israel.

Open and cassette awnings, vertical and projection awnings, side and straight, triangular and trapezoidal, free-standing marquises and awnings for the winter garden, sails and pergolas, dome and retractable awnings.
There are so many!
And it can be difficult to figure out the full variety of this still growing product. We understand this.
And with our mission we see the selection of an individual solution for a specific object and the operational work on the production and high-quality installation of marquises and curtain structures.


Retractable awnings.

This is the most common type of marquise.

They can be open and cassette, depending on whether the drum with fabric is protected.

Both options are also called elbow awnings, because they are revealed using an element similar to a metal elbow.

The advantage of retractable awnings is the large dimming area that can be used efficiently. Are applied both to country houses, and for city summer restaurants.

You can install an electric drive, rain sensors and other electrical equipment. Great advertising tool for business.
peaks and canopies of varying complexity.

Dome awnings.

Dome or basket awnings are so named because of their shape.

They are installed mainly over windows on city facades to protect from the sun.

At the same time give the appearance of the building an attractive appearance and are a great place to advertise.

Basket awnings can be folding or stationary.

The shape is arched or rectangular.

According to the method of fastening, depending on the building, dome awnings can be installed above the window or in the opening.

Basket awnings really stand out the building and speak about the good taste of the owner.

Direct marquises.

These are constructions similar to the “visor” with a retractable fabric.

They are installed above windows, balconies, shop windows.

These products are designed on the principle of a lowering support.

You can completely close such a marquise or leave it partially open.

Also, this type of marquise is called window dressing, because they are most often used to protect shop windows from the sun and rain.

Direct awnings are resistant to wind load due to their reliable fastening.

In addition, the marquise showcase serves as a decoration of the facade and advertising information can be applied on it..

Vertical marquises.

Vertical marquises are universal products that are installed on any openings.

Serve to protect from the rays of the sun, wind, prying eyes, as well as for zoning of space.

They are used both in urban facilities and in suburban households.

Two versions are possible. Classic vertical awning with an open drum and side guides in the form of steel cables or tubes.

And a vertical cassette-type marquise with a drum hidden in a neat metal box and rigid aluminum guides.

Pergolas, arbors, winter gardens

A pergola is a canopy to protect a passage or terrace from the scorching sun.

As an awning, a terrace marquise can be used. The support structure is made of wood or metal.

There are standard options that you can choose from our catalog, and we can also make an individual project of a pergola, gazebo or winter garden.

The advantage of a pergola awning is its structural rigidity, the ability to protect large areas from the sun and rain. A winter garden or pergola create a cozy place to relax and add charm to your suburban possession.

Summer cafes. Awnings.

This is a structure made of frame and awning, which allows you to organize additional seats in the warm season.

There can be various types of execution, such as wall cafes, glass pavilions, cafes with a retractable awning fixed on a special frame.

Along with the fact that there are many well-developed options for the construction of a summer cafe, each order is individual and requires an original design solution, which we can offer and implement.

To organize a summer cafe, you can use terraced marquises, which can be either unilateral or bilateral.


Country houses and gazebos

City facades

Summer cafes, terraces and verandas

It is possible to apply a logo and advertising, install rain sensors and electrical equipment



Maximum choice

We work with many European manufacturers and will find the best solution for you. The maximum selection of models, colors and equipment.

Time saving

You do not need to spend time searching, studying and comparing products from different suppliers. We have already done this for you.

Competitive pricesы

Due to our flexible work, we are able to offer the best offer in terms of price and quality.


We are attentive to each client. We quickly respond to your wishes. We track each order at all stages in order to reduce its execution time.

High-quality installation

We have been working in the construction market since 2003 and we understand how important the correct installation of products for their long operation


Thanks to the selection of high-quality European products and professional installation, we can guarantee you a long service of our products.

Professional installation of quality marquises in Israel!

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